Egon Shiele steel head- Al Farrow

Egon Shiele steel head- Al Farrow

Based on a self portrait  by Vienna Succession artist Egon Shiele, this piece by Al farrow was constructed out of forged and wielded steel, then painted to resemble the original image.


Night’s Tounge – Heather B Swann

Night's Tounge - Heather B Swann

“Heather B. Swann’s work is at once figurative and abstract, its animal and human imagery expressed in refined formal organisation and sensual curvature. Handsome, human-scaled and carefully-finished, her sculptures have a charm and luxuriousness that initially calls to mind the furniture-creatures of Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne. However, Swann’s variously stretched, twisted and otherwise manipulated birds, beasts and bodies also have a darker quality, a dreamlike, shape-shifting ambiguity.”
-quote source Karen Woodbury gallery


Jean “Mobieus” Giraud was/is one of the most famous European Comic creators of all time, perhaps second only to Herge in terms of international recognition. His bizzare fantasy and science fiction stories, sublime illustrations, paintings and comics have been the a major influence on large number of films, animations and artists. His artwork and range of techniques was incredibly versatile, ranging from works derived from the French “ligne claire” or “clear line” comic art look made famous by Tintin’s Herge, to creating black and white pen illustrations or watercolor works and etchings, with the subject matter of his work ranging from surrealistic fantasy and science fiction works, to gritty westerns. Although he isn’t strictly a “conventional artist” his work both technically and thematically, has had a large impact on my work, from the sense of place and story created by the fantastical characters and landscapes he creates, to the versatility of his pen and ink drawings( which seem to cover every pen based style of shading and illustration known to man!). I think love his work more then other “conventional” artist such as painters because he doesn’t simply convey meaning through his work, he creates narratives and whole worlds to express his themes!
He died last year, but his legacy and its influence in pop culture and the creative arts will hopefully endure into the future.